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Legal Notice

This Legal Notice governs the use of the website


Website operated by: JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA



As the person in charge of this site, JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA agrees to process user information according to the requirements set forth in Spanish and European Law regarding the collection and use of personal data.


By using this website, you accept the Terms and Conditions described in this notice, our Privacy Policy, and our Cookies Policy.


JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA reserves the right to modify the contents and services provided in this website without prior notice, as well as its Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.   




The present Terms and Conditions regulate the use (including access) of the webpages that make up this website, including the contents and services made available within them.


JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA does not accept any responsibility regarding the incorrect or inappropriate use of this website or the information contained within. In addition, as per the limits set forth by current law, JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA does not accept any responsibility stemming from the lack of veracity, integrity or accuracy of the data or information provided in this website.


The contents found in should not be taken as any form of guidance or legal advice. The website may contain links to third parties, for which JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA cannot accept any responsibility, as they lie beyond his control.


Accessing this website does not entail the start of a commercial relationship with JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA in any form. As such, the USER agrees to utilize this website, its services, and its contents in good faith, without breaking any laws or compromising public order. Any use of this website done for illegal or harmful purposes, or to disrupt its operation is strictly prohibited. In addition, USERS visiting this website agree not to engage in any form of conduct that may harm the image and reputation of JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA.


All text, images, sounds, animations, software, and content included in this website are the sole property of JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA or his licensors. Any transmission, distribution, cession, reproduction, storage or public communication (total or partial) of this content without the express consent of JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA or its legitimate owners is strictly prohibited.


When applicable, the USER agrees to facilitate truthful, exact, and complete information regarding his/her identity, and to keep this information up to date. Minors must obtain the consent of their parents or legal guardians in order to access and use this website. USERS alone will be held liable for any false or inaccurate statements that they make while using this website.


JOAQUÍN ARMIJO ALBA cannot guarantee the absence of computer viruses or any other elements that may lead to alterations in the software and hardware operated by the USER, or in their files and documents.




Please refer to our Privacy Policy.


USE OF COOKIES uses automated processes that gather information in order to improve the running of this website and maintain a register of the USERS that visit it.


Please refer to our Cookies Policy.

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